Cornishware 2021

Cornishware works well in the cool grey light in Edinburgh. I see that people up here crave colour and use bright colours much in the same way that Scandinavian interiors use strong yellows, blues and reds.

I’ve been buying Cornishware for years long before the company went out of business. I was really pleased when a new company opened, but their production was not in the UK. Recently they have started to move some of their lines back to the UK. The orange mugs we bought this year for Halloween were made in the UK. I’m sure that I’ll be buying more!

The cabinet is painted in Farrow and Ball’s Vardo, with a F&B Nancy’s Blushes interior. This is a very dark room with little natural light for most of the day, so strong colours cheer it up.

This house is rented, and fortuitously the walls are painted in a neutral F&B cream (name unknown) that matches well with the cream element in the Cornishware.

In a rented house where you are not allowed to paint walls, painting cupboards is a good way to inject some much needed colour.

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