Fishsalesman, Fishmarket Square, Newhaven Village, Edinburgh

The building type is a very standard four windows and one door pattern found in terraced houses worldwide. However when you look at it you know it’s Scottish because of the little windows, the paint around the windows, that particular type of roof tile and the harling. Harling is the finish applied to the stone walls to protect them from the weather. It is common in Scotland from castles to cottages.

This building is in Fishmarket Square which is the site of the old harbour built by King James IV of Scotland around 1507. To put him into historical context, he was the grandfather of Mary Queen of Scots.

Newhaven Fishsalesman

What makes this building special for me is simply the name about the door “W.G Muirhead Fishsalesman”. Don’t you just love that as a job title!

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