Edinburgh Doors Open Day 2012 : Liberton Tower

15th century square tower house abandoned as a dwelling by the family in 1620 and used for agriculture until the late 20th century when it was restored.


Interiors from this period are difficult to recreate, and this is done well, with a nod towards the period with oak furniture, flagstones, and heavy oak furniture. The knole sofa is a later design from the 17th century but works well in this interior and the little antlers above the fireplace remind us gently that this is a Scottish interior.


It is not a house for those who like vast acres of light and bright. The defensive 15th C windows are tiny.

It was visited on a day with good light, and the inside lights were on. It was quite dark inside with delightful shadows cast. I can see this being quite a magical interior at night.


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